Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Challenge #1 (Supposed to be Challenge #5)

So...I found the best ever blog that is doing a 21 day organizing challenge. It began on January 1st so I am a little late but better late than never!! So here is my first challenge of organizing under my kitchen was a little difficult with the oversized reverse osmosis water system under there but I did what I
Below are my before and after pics:

Can't wait to see what the challenge is for tomorrow!! I would really encourage anyone to check out this blog that I have linked over on my sidebar...It has given me the intiative to tidy up a bit and hopefully it will stay that way:) Now I am off to sand my bowl rack that I put together last night with help from Char at and her wonderful tutorials!!
I have posted a pic of the rack below and will post the finished product as soon as I am done.


Primsue said...

Hi Ang, I just became a follower of your blog and invite you to visit my blog:

Good luck with the organizing. I can't wait to see your finished bowl rack.


renee said...

Hi Ang,
What color are you painting your bowl rack? Char has some great tutorials on her blog, it was one of the first ones I followed before I had a blog. I am sure you'll be thrilled to get it all finished and decorated!
Have a good weekend!