Friday, January 7, 2011

Challenge #2

My challenge #2 was to clean out the dresser drawers and organize them. I only have one small dresser as we hang most of our clothes in the closets so below is the before and after:)

The rest of the day I spent sanding and painting 2 coats of flat black on my bowl rack so now I am off to sand again and distress!! I can't wait to get it finished, hang it up and take some pics to post:)


Violet said...

Way to go! I just found the 21-day challenge tonight so I might tackle my dresser tomorrow... it certainly needs it!

Silvia said...

Good going:) Did you find that everything fitted better or that you had just that little bit more room? I always find that when I do our Dresser

renee said...

Love the dresser! It has some interesting details that the black paint should really make it stand out! I will be excited to see how it turns out!